Whatever your construction needs, the Journey Group is capable of providing a range of construction services.

Construction Manager at Risk

This service allows the Journey Group to truly show the Journey Difference. By partnering with you and the design team early in the conceptual design process, we'll bring our knowledge and experience to the table throughout every stage of the project's life cycle—from concept through completion. This provides the greatest opportunity for the project team to assure that your budget, schedule, and quality goals are met. It couples construction management with the contracting (at-risk) service under one contract. This gives you a single entity to work with for construction services.

General Contracting

The Journey Group has been a leading general contractor in the construction industry for more than 100 years. Our experience and ability to self-perform key elements of the project can keep costs low and quality high. It also allows for a combination of self-performed and subcontracted work under a single prime contract.


Design-build projects have one prime contract with the design-builder for both design and construction services. We have excellent working relationships with several design firms across the region. We'll contract the design services from the firm whose strengths are the best fit for your project. Then, our construction management and general contracting expertise can be coupled with the project's design services under a single, seamless design-build contract.

Construction Manager Agent

The construction management agent gives you the option to work with the Journey Group as a construction management consultant without engaging the contracting/risk services from us.

Self-Performed Work

We are builders and contractors, and that is what our history has been. We aren't just knowledgeable about construction processes. We can perform them, and we have done so for more than 100 years. With resources and skills to perform structural concrete work, steel and precast erection, deep foundation systems, and carpentry, we can bring these assets to your project for greater control. This has saved our clients money, time and again.

Every project is unique and all projects have special needs. Discover which delivery system is right for your project and contact Journey Group or call us at 605-332-5968.