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Journey Construction

We serve clients in the five-state region: South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

We’re willing to go the distance.

We understand that Sioux Falls may seem like a stretch if you're located far away from us. Rest assured. We've successfully completed projects all over the Midwest by drawing on local resources and businesses. Let us know what you're project needs are, and we'll tell you how we can help.

We support the local community.

As always, we think locally. We’re respectful of local conditions and work with local contractors whenever possible. We keep the community informed. Not only does this make business sense, but it also reflects our core value of building up communities. By doing business with local companies, we bring income to your community and help it thrive.

Journey Construction offers any of the Journey Group construction services. Before you’re locked into any contracts, we’re happy to walk you through the process and consult with you.

It’s never too early to start planning. Talk to us.

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Have a project in mind?

We’re happy to walk you through the construction process and offer advice, before you sign anything.