SFC Civil Constructors

Fort Randall Dam - AGC Large Project Award
SFC Civil Constructors

A city can only be as great as the infrastructure that supports it.

Since 1910, Sioux Falls Construction has been building city foundations. Roads, bridges, and other civil works need to be built. Well, we’re here to build them. 

SFC Civil Constructors is a dedicated civil construction team. We take on structural, transportation, sanitary, and environmental construction projects of all sizes. We’ve built highways, and we’ve built bridges. We’ve built retaining walls and energy recovery systems, water treatment plants and retrofits. We’ve built more than it’s reasonable to list here.

We are proud engineers and certified welders. We are concrete technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute. We are United States Army Corps of Engineers certified Construction Quality Management contractors.

We’ve worked with state transportation departments, counties, municipalities, corporations, and the United States Army Corps of Engineering.

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