SDSU Solberg Hall

The renovation of Solberg Hall on the campus of South Dakota State University was the culmination of an agreement between the SDSU Foundation and the University.  In the groundbreaking agreement the SDSU Foundation bought the building from the University, paid for and performed the improvements, and then sold the building back for the original sale price.  The building is home to Stephen F. Briggs invention of the single cylinder internal combustion gas engine in 1907.  Mr. Briggs went on to cofound the Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

Through the SDSU Foundation’s efforts a 100 year old building was rehabilitated and updated with new structural, mechanical, electrical, and technology systems.  The scope of the project was to remove the entire inside of the building, lower the basement elevation two feet, and reconstruct the interior, all while not disturbing the exterior brick facade.  In order to meet current code requirement a freestanding combination stair tower and elevator shaft was built next to the original hall and attached with connecting links at each floor.

The completed project is now home to the Construction Management, Manufacturing Engineering and other engineering labs.



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