Highway 11 Bridges

The Reconstruction of SD Hwy 11 from I-90 north to Garretson, South Dakota included three Low Slump Overlays, one Asphalt Bridge Deck Overlay, and two complete replacements.  The project was completed over two construction seasons.  During the first season two low slump overlays, the asphalt overlay, and the construction of a 327 foot, three span, concrete girder bridge was completed.  The second year the last low slump overlay and a 267 foot, three span, concrete girder bridge was completed.

All of the work was completed either over or in a stream designated as a Topeka Shiner stream.  The Topeka Shiner is on the Federal list of Endangered Species and requires tighter regulations and construction plans to assure that everything is being done so as not to harm any fish.



  • South Dakota Department of Transportation


  • Corson, SD


  • 2 Years


  • Heavy/Highway and Civil


  • SFC Civil Constructors


  • Bridge Subcontractor