East Side Sanitary Sewer Pump Station 240

The East Side Sanitary Sewer Pump Station 240 is a 6 million dollar construction project that was aggressively scheduled to take place over a period of 18 months and was designed to serve the east side of the city by pumping the area’s sewage to the City of Sioux Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant, located north of town.

The majority of this facility is 40 feet underground, 20 feet of which is in solid quartzite and anchored to that quartzite by 36 specially designed anchors.

Finished, the above ground part of the project shows only a small building in comparison to the construction of the pump room that is below ground. The pump room required over 2,400 cubic yards of concrete and 300 tons of reinforcement.

SFC Civil self-performed all concrete work, and the installation of the specialty pumps, gates and equipment investing more than 23,000 man-hours of labor with ZERO time lost to injury.

During construction, SFC Civikl presented a value engineering proposal to the City of Sioux Falls that resulted in savings to the total cost of the project.



  • City of Sioux Falls


  • Sioux Falls, SD


  • 18 months


  • Heavy/Highway and Civil


  • SFC Civil Constructors


  • General Contractor