State Theatre is Right On Schedule

SIOUX FALLS, SD— The Sioux Falls State Theatre company says they are on schedule to open their doors for the first time in 30 years this upcoming spring; construction of their auditorium in underway.

Management says once it’s done, it’ll be like going back in time to the early 20th century.

The “Journey Construction” crew is turning back the clock, as they’re restoring the Sioux Falls State Theatre auditorium back to its original 1926 design.

“Not your typical construction project. You have artistic painters in here that are really something out of the norm than what we are used to as construction worker. Where they are uncovering something that has been hidden for close to 100 years and we’re bringing it back to life,” said Bill Lienke, superintendent for Journey Construction.

Lienke says his crew and artists from “Conrad Schmitt Studios” have already used more than 500 gallons of paint since the project started in October.

For projects like this one, the minor details are the most important part.

“Watching those guys do their work and seeing the amount of detail that goes into it; the patience that they have when they do it and still able to make it look beautiful and roll right along with the rest of the construction around this is just phenomenal,” said Lienke.

“Everything has been so efficient; we’ve been on time and on budget. We’ve had a lot of years to plan and kind of coordinate and what is going to work best for our building and what is not. So, there is some value in having all those years to planning that we were ready to start construction,” said Allison Weiland, executive director of the Sioux Falls State Theatre Company.

The State Theatre Company says they have been planning this project since 2005, and to see it finally start coming to life is surreal.

“She’s the one and only, there’s not a lot like her. What it’s going to do for the downtown economy and the city as a whole is going to be pretty powerful,” said Weiland.

Theatre management says after completing this phase of the auditorium, they want to start renovating the balcony and upper levels.

But, in order for that to start, they say they’ll have to raise $2 million.

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