Avera Medical Minute: New hospital in Rock Rapids to open soon

ROCK RAPIDS, IA (KSFY) - A new hospital and clinic will be unveiled in Rock Rapids, IA in less than one month.

The 52,000 square foot facility will replace the old facility in the city on May 1st.

Soon the residents in the town will be able to have access to the brand new Avera Merrill Pioneer Health Campus.

"It's quite a large space, it's designed, it's bright, it's very airy," Craig Hohn, Avera Merrill Pioneer Health Campus hospital administrator, said. "Really designed for patient comfort, staff comfort, and safety in mind."

The new facility will offer everything from laboratory services to imaging services for patients.

"This facility is equipt to handle a variety of patients," Jana Sorlie, director of patient care/nursing, said. "We have general surgeons and orthopedics coming, so trying to keep those people closer to home taking care of as many patients we can."

The hospital has 11 in-patient beds and a new CT machine. It will allow more one-on-one time with technicians for those who are anxious about an exam. The technicians will have access to i-Pads to set up exams right by the machine. And even a special touch -

"You've got a patient laying on a table they're facing up and so rather than them looking at the ceiling tiles," Hohn said. "We've placed a backlight mural up in the ceiling, so it gives something a little bit more exciting to look at."

Avera staff worked hard to provide 24-hour care in a town of less than 3,000 so patients can have their families close by. The hospital also has Avera e-Care services to make sure the staff is delivering the highest quality of care possible.

"So, it just gives everyone balance so they can be where they need to be while their family member is in the hospital," Sorlie said.

Once all of the equipment is moved in, and the paint brushes are put down, the staff at Avera are anxious to deliver care from this new space.

"It's very exciting for the staff there's been a few people that have been working out of the facility, here, for a while now and as we start training with the staff that will be coming to work here," Hohn said. "It's getting to be very fun to see more activity, more people in the facility."

An open house will be held in Rock Rapids, IA at the new hospital on Saturday, April 13th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


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