Safety Commitment

Everyone goes home safely, every single night.

As a true builder, planning for safety really is the most important thing we do every day. More than anything, we want to ensure that our workers and subsequent occupants of the building are safe.

That's why we hire the best and brightest minds in the industry. Every new hire is trained on safety procedures. Our safety director is constantly in the field reviewing our safety and the safety of any subcontractors we hire.

We take safety seriously.

We know that one lapse in judgment can lead to catastrophic events. That's why we administer our own safety standards in addition to national and state OSHA regulations. We even have a safety department to maintain safety compliance across the board.

We know that safety does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful attention on all fronts, by all who are directly and indirectly involved. The responsibility for safety extends from the top management to trade workers.


In the Fall of 2019, we started a #WhyIWorkSafe campaign with our employees. During this campaign, employees shared images of the reasons that they work safely throughout the workday. These images varied from family members, pets, hobbies, and more. Thank you to those of you who participated! Below are a few of the reasons employees joined the #WhyIWorkSafe campaign.